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Bird Net Accessories
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Extruded Bird Netting
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Woven Bird Netting
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Protect Your Vines with Bird Netting

At Jim’s Supply Co. Inc., we are committed to helping you get the most out of your vineyard. We know you need to protect your vines not only from the elements, but from birds that could consume your produce. Bird netting offers a high degree of protection from all species of birds, saving you both time and money. Our sturdy bird netting for vineyards is designed to mitigate an unnecessary decrease in your potential harvest due to wild animals.

Bird Netting Can Save Your Vines, Trees and Bushes from Hungry Birds

Bird Netting from Jim’s Supply can be used in a wide variety of horticultural applications, including protection for your fruit trees, vegetable garden, berry bushes, as well as your vineyard. Our extruded bird netting for vineyards comes in several different sizes and some rolls can be cut for side netting use. Our woven bird netting, sold in a bag, can be paired with our bird netting applicator for easier application. Our bird netting is flexible, can withstand harsh weather conditions, only requires minimal maintenance, and does not physically harm our little friends. You've worked hard and you owe it to yourself to protect your investment with our quality bird netting!  

Extruded Bird Net

Our extruded bird netting for vineyards comes in different mesh sizes to suit your specific needs: 
· Tenax – 42" X 5,000'
· Tenax – 17' X 15,000'
· Tenax – 17' X 5,000'
· Tenax – 14' X 5,000'
· Tenax – 14' X 1,000'
· Tenax – 14' X 500'

Woven Bird Netting

We also offer woven bird netting made from superior materials that are designed to last.
· Medium – 17' X 2500'

Bird Net Accessories

These products and equipment will prove to be a valuable investment in the application of bird netting:

· Bird Net Clips – 1,000/ream
· Catch Wire Clips (C-Clips)
· Net Master Reels
· Bird Netting Applicator (for Woven Net sold in a bag)

Bird Netting Protects Your Property

We know how hard you’ve worked to produce a healthy crop, and we also know how easily a flock of birds can diminish your yield. Don’t let birds rob you of the joy of the harvest; protect your crop with all weather, robust and economical vineyard bird netting from JSC.

For questions on availability and pricing, feel free to call us at 855-707-JIMS (5467), or send an email to


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