Happy New Year!

Where it all began...

James W. Boylan, born in Montana in 1928, grew up determined to put his motto of, “Hard Work and A Dream” to the test. Early on, James, better known as Jim, worked as a salesman for a steel company in Fresno. During his time there, Jim could not help but notice the booming town of Bakersfield just down the highway and the need for a steel company of its own. This was the perfect opportunity for Mr. Boylan to turn his dreams into a reality.  He was up for the challenge and decided to fully commit himself to putting in the hard work and perseverance. Time after, Jim and his wife Doreen sat down in the confines of their own home and created what is known today as one of the oldest and successful small businesses in Bakersfield, Jim’s Supply Company (JSC). Mr. and Mrs. Boylan built Jim’s Supply Company from nothing, all while raising a family of five children that nearly sixty years later would be running the company.

Jim was a caring and thoughtful man who knew that to make a company thrive, it would need to be built and run by a team who was knowledgeable, safe, and most importantly hard working. These morals and ethics are the reason Jim’s Supply has been able to continue its legacy decade after decade. Mr. Boylan was a family man who wanted all of his relatives to be a part of creating and building the company that has done so much more for the community than just provide steel. JSC has stuck its roots into the grounds of Bakersfield and just like Jim, it has a constant drive to help improve and assist our giant Bakersfield family. From being a longtime supporter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to helping local charities on weekly basis, JSC has and always will be so much more than just a company. It is a family built by an incredible man who had a dream, and his hardworking legacy will carry on through Jim’s Supply for many years to come.