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Ocloc X - Wholesale

Sold as boxes of 10 sets

The Ocloc X is designed to repair timber line posts.  

  • Ocloc X-75 - 3"-4" for Wood (1 set of 2 pieces)
  • Ocloc X-95 - 4"-5" for Wood (1 set of 2 pieces)
  • Ocloc X-120 - 5"-6" for Wood (1 set of 2 pieces)

The Ocloc trellis post repair clamp is designed to simplify the repair process of vineyard trellis posts damaged and broken during the harvesting process. It is significantly quicker, easier, and cheaper to install an Ocloc than installing a new post all together. The Ocloc is also stronger and will perform better during harvesting than the original post. It's safer to install with reduced health, safety, and environmental issues.


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