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Our history...

June 02, 2016

In 1959, James “Jim” W. Boylan founded Jim's Supply Company, Inc. (JSC). Boylan was a salesman for a steel company in Fresno and foresaw Bakersfield to be a growing city that had potential to support another steel company. Boylan and his wife, Doreen, truly believed in hard work.  The couple started the company from their home where Jim purchased, sold, and delivered the steel, while Doreen answered phones and helped with clerical tasks, while also caring for their five children. Just two years later, they were able to move the company to its first location on East 19th Street. Then, in 1963, the Boylans relocated to a larger facility on Brown Street. JSC was there for just six years before...

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Top Distributor of Gripple

April 28, 2016

Thank you to our valuable customers for helping us achieve the Gripple Platinum Top Distributor award for 2014 AND now 2015!  Whether they’re used to tension trellis wires in vineyards and orchards or to join or repair a fence in a field or along a highway, Gripple makes the finest wire joiners and tensioners on the market today. Jim's Supply's sales team regularly meets with Gripple Representatives to receive training on the latest product developments and take part in informative field demonstrations.  As a manufacturer of innovative trellising products, we are proud to offer Gripple as part of our vineyard and orchard trellising product line. Check out our full Gripple product line today! 

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